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"If a man dies, can he live again?"
- Job 14:14

Throughout human history, people have asked variations on this question. What happens after I die? Does my soul die with my body? Is life on this earth all there is? The question "After I die, can I live again?" is even more compelling today, as an aging population in a dangerous world seeks meaning beyond existence on earth.

Leila Bronner's latest book, in process of publication and tentatively titled Journey to Heaven, invites readers to rediscover some of the Bible's and Judaism's basic tenets: that, after death, worthy people will attain a "world to come"; that the human soul is immortal and bodily resurrection a possibility; that reincarnation has become interwoven with other mystical Jewish ideas about life after death.

Journey to Heaven is based on many years of research sparked by the author's exposure to ancient ideas about life after death through earlier studies. While other writers have addressed these concepts, Journey to Heaven will be the first book to present the full range of Jewish thought on life after death, from Biblical times to the present, from the rational to the metaphysical.